Dallas Silent Meditation Retreat — a beautiful beginning ダラスの沈黙瞑想リトリート すばらしい始まり

On Monday, I returned to Chicago after the Dallas AmritaSRI (Silent Retreat Immersion). After such a profound experience, the mind has no words to express what transpired, but perhaps some photos may convey what all of us felt. Hopefully, this will encourage people to come to Chicago in early April for the next one.

月曜日、ダラスのAmrita SRI(沈黙に浸るリトリート)を終えてシカゴに戻りました。とても深い体験だったので、どうお伝えしたらよいか言葉が見つかりませんが、写真をお見せすることでわたしたちが感じたものを何等かお伝えできるのではないかと思います。4月初めにシカゴで参加したいという気持ちになっていただけるかもしれません。

Please click here for a full photo album of the retreat.


After orientation and a short tour of the ashram, the 7-day retreat began with a Mahasudarshana Homa on Sunday night, February 19.


Thereafter, each day began with the pre-dawn glow, then archana, followed by a seated meditation.


Then, the sun greeted us with many a breathtaking sunrise…


Still, before breakfast there was time for gentle Amrita Yoga and a session of IAM-35.


Between breakfast and lunch, there were nature walks, seated meditation sessions (40 minutes), and walking meditation sessions.


Lunch was followed by one hour of silent seva, since karma yoga helps prepare the mind for meditation.


Fortunately, the weather was nice enough that we could conduct the afternoon meditation session behind the main house, overlooking the lake.


Classes were conducted most days from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, on a variety of subjects, like Upasana, Karma Yoga, Sound/Bhajan as Meditation, Obstacles to Meditation, and Food & Meditation.


The concluding hours of each day were full of awe-inspiring sunsets, a bhajan session, and more meditation.


Before the retreat concluded, we got to celebrate Mahashivaratri during the regular Dallas Satsang time, which included a talk, abhishekam of the Shivalingam, bhajans and meditation.


Just before the concluding meditation session on Sunday, February 26, we all truly felt Amma’s divine presence when a beautiful, bright white swan flew directly over the meditation hall, over my head, and landed gracefully in the lake.


In the concluding sessions after breakfast on Sunday, the retreatants came out of their vow of silence consciously, after praying for Grace to the god and goddess of speech. There was also an opportunity to share experiences for those who wished.


Then Dayamrita swami arrived to give a talk on “What Next?”, and conduct a Q&A session.


After we expressed our thanks to all who attended and helped put together the retreat, we closed with a prayer, then invited each attendee to receive a token of our appreciation.


Most people stayed for lunch, some even overnight. The Dallas ashram is such a peaceful place, many find it hard to leave…


Deepest gratitude to everyone who came, and especially to the devotees who worked tirelessly for weeks and months to make this event a reality. Most of all, thanks to Amma for her divine guidance and grace, without which none of this would have been possible.


Hope to see lots more of you in Chicago next month!


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