New activities, new blog name… 新しい活動、新しいブログ名

I know, I know…  It has been over 9 months since I have posted anything here. New developments in Amma’s activities have been keeping me so busy, I was unable to spend any time blogging.


Now that I am here for a sojourn in Amritapuri, India, I am finally finding time to catch up.


The first order of business has been to rename this blog. It used to be “Life in Chicago Ashram”, but due to new developments I have changed it to “Spiritual Life in Central USA”. The reasons for this will become clearer in future posts.

まずは、このブログを改名することから始めたいと思います。このブログはこれまで「Life in Chicago Ashram」だったのですが、新たな展開があり、このブログの名前を「Spiritual Life in Central USA、(アメリカ中部のスピリチュアルライフ)」と改名致します。理由につきましては、これから投稿していきます。

Now, on to preparing the next post…


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