First ever week-long Silent Meditation Retreat in MA Center Dallas  1週間の沈黙瞑想リトリート MAセンターダラスにて初めて開催

After yesterday’s post about Amma’s new Dallas ashram, some people may be wondering what kind of regular activities are happening and when the next larger program will be taking place. First of all, since September, weekly satsangs have been taking place on Saturdays from 4 pm to 6 pm. If you would like to attend, just type “MA Center Dallas” in Google Maps on your computer or mobile device, and it should pick up the location right away, for easy navigation. Or, you can just click here.

昨日の記事をご覧になった方の中には、新しく開設されたアンマのダラスアシュラムで普段どのような活動が行われているのか、また次にいつ大規模なプログラムが開催されるのかなど、知りたいと思っていらっしゃる方もおいでになると思います。まずサットサンガですが、昨年9月から毎週土曜日、午後4時から午後6時まで行われています。参加してみようという方は、パソコンかモバイル機器のグーグルマップに〝MA Center Dallas″と入力してみてください。すぐに地図上で場所が特定できますし、行き方も簡単にわかります。あるいは、ここをクリックしてください。

Regarding larger programs, the title of this post already gives away the next one. During the Fall Europe/USA Tour last year, Amma mentioned several times that we should start week-long silent meditation retreats in the USA. Though I wanted to get started right away, the need for preparation and providing advance notice to prospective attendees meant that the earliest date we could feasibly accomplish such a program would be mid-February.


Now, mid-February didn’t sound like an ideal time to start something new in Chicago, with its daunting and unpredictable winter weather. So, we decided to conduct the retreat in Dallas, which would also give people from other regions to visit the new ashram and enjoy its tranquil beauty.



To view some details of the retreat, click here. It is a stroke of Divine Grace that Maha Shivaratri falls right in the middle of the retreat, too!


Actually, within about 48 hours of this retreat going live online, we already reached our capacity and were forced to suspend registrations. 😦

But, there’s still hope. Another week-long silent retreat is scheduled to be conducted in the Chicago ashram soon. We have tentatively scheduled it for April 2-9, so please save the dates!



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