Amma’s New Ashram in Dallas ダラスにアンマの新アシュラム

One reason for changing the blog name has been the recent formation of a new ashram in Dallas, Texas — MA Center Dallas. Formerly a horse ranch, it is located in North Dallas, outside of Denton, in an area known as “Horse Country USA”.


Situated on a picturesque 50 acre plot, complete with a beautiful ranch house, scenic pond, and outbuildings, MA Center Dallas provides the ideal environment for a calming and uplifting personal retreat.


For a full photo album of the center, click here.


To view a playlist of aerial videos of the center, click here.


The center was formally inaugurated on September 5th 2016 by Amma’s senior disciples in a ceremony conducted on the center’s large summer porch.


MA Center Dallas will be the
focal point in the region for regular spiritual activities such as bhajans, guided meditation & yoga, retreats, discourses and the celebration of all major festivals and holidays. The ashram will also serve as a medium through which many of Amma’s projects and initiatives will help to uplift society in the South Central region.


The newly page on for the center is here:


Location and contact information are here:


Due to the addition of this ashram to the Central Region, I have been spending much more
time in Dallas recently, and expect to continue to do so in the days to come. Hope to see many of you there sometime soon…



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