Mother Nature’s Medicinal Magic — Plant Medicine Workshop 母なる自然の不思議な薬効 ―植物薬ワークショップ

Many of you may already know that in the Spring of 2014 we began growing the medicinal herb echinacea  here in MA Center Chicago. In previous posts, I mentioned how we prepared to seed rougly 1.5 acres of echinacea purpurea, then actually planted it, how it looked after 4 months, how it progressed this spring and early summer, and a post this summer showing how the field went from this…


 to this…これに・・・

… in just 6 weeks! ・・・たった6週間の間に!

Here’s an aerial video of the field at it’s peak this summer, just 15 months after it was planted from seed.


While the plant is indeed beautiful when it explodes into countless bright pink flowers, the medicinal properties are at their highest levels later in the fall. So, we decided to conduct a workshop in early October, called “Mother Nature’s Medicinal Magic — Making Plant Medicine”.

沢山の鮮やかなピンクの花々が一斉に咲きほこる光景はとても美しいのですが、この花が持つ薬効特性が最高値に達するのは秋中旬頃です。私たちは、早速10月の初めに “母なる自然の不思議な薬効―植物薬作り” のワークショップを開催しました。

We were fortunate to have Richo and Jebran Cech from Horizon Herbs in Oregon come out to conduct the workshop. Both of them love Amma deeply and are strong supporters of all the humanitarian activities she has inpsired. Here is Richo in our greenhouse with some local devotees.



The program hall was set up nicely, with the various equipment newly procured for our nascent tincturing endeavor.



Photos from the actual workshop follow, starting with Richo inaugurating the event.




Later, Jebran took a group outside to show them how to dig up echinacea plants for tincture.



Soon, everyone started hands-on learning of the process …



Everyone appreciated how generous and patient Richo and Jebran were in answering their questions.



In the course of the workshop, a few gallons of echinacea and tulasi (holy basil) tincture were prepared, but only the first step. Weeks later, we had to press, filter, bottle, label and seal the tincture, in order to make it available for Amma’s visit in November.


Stay tuned for more posts on this subject…


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