An Offering of Service – volunteering at the food pantry  奉仕活動を捧げました ― 食糧庫でボランティア活動

Here’s another example of the community outreach programs at MA Center Chicago. Throughout the year, Amma’s devotees volunteer at the local food pantry in Geneva, just 5 miles from us.


Often, during her annual Birthday Celebrations, Amma says that she, herself, wants nothing from us — selflessness and an attitude of service is what gives her joy. In this spirit, for Amma’s 62nd Birthday Celebration in late September, a large group of devotees used the opportunity to make an offering of selfless service at the food pantry. Click here for the full photo album.


First, they gathered to hear an explanation from the food pantry staff.



Then they set about stocking and organizing food for distribution.



After the food has been properly prepared, the food pantry distributes it to nearby families in need.



This ongoing project has proven to provide yet another opportunity to taste the joy of giving…





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