New Tractor for the 2015 growing season

I reached the Chicago ashram about 9 days ago, but have been busy catching up with everything so far. Today I was finally able to put together a new post for this blog.

This post is in honor of the bright, sunny day we had today. With the high temperature reaching 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10C) for the first time since December, it was certainly a joyous occasion for all. The snow in the fields melted and for a short while, we had a creek of crystal clear water pouring through the ashram, like I showed in last year’s post around this time. Here is a photo from last year:

With the first day of Spring fast approaching, this is the ideal opportunity to introduce to you all a new member of the Chicago ashram. He works hard, wears ochre, is strong and never complains. Sounds like a spiritual seeker, but he is actually a… tractor.

We purchased this new piece of equipment last Fall, and performed a puja to it, in order to invoke Divine Grace and protection whenever we use it.

In the rustic country setting here, it seems to fit right in, and will surely get lots of use for years to come. The full slideshow of photos is here.

The photo below shows the snowplow on the front, which got quite a bit of use this winter, whenever there was heavy snow. Last winter was tough to manage without something like this.

But now that winter is over, how do we plan to use this? What is the next step for the Chicago ashram?

I will explain that in the next post…

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