An ironic Spring Equinox…皮肉な春分…

When I looked outside on Thursday morning — the long awaited day of the Spring Equinox — this is the sight that met my eyes.


It was less than half an inch of snow, but quite humorous nonetheless. Actually, the night after my last post, we suddenly got 3 inches of snow. It is almost as though Old Man Winter feels the need to show that he isn’t finished with us yet.


So far, this month has been on average 11 degrees F (-6 C) colder than average, but yesterday the temperature rose to near 60 degrees F. With temperatures dropping into the teens over the next 2 days, though, the tug of war between winter and spring seems poised to continue for some time.


Here are more photos of the snow on the Spring Equinox.


The full slideshow is here.


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