Old Man Winter releases his stranglehold…厳しい冬からやっと解放…

The 2013-2014 winter here has proven to be one of the most severe on record. In public opinion, this winter ranks as the worst ever in Chicago, according to an online poll conducted by CBS Chicago. It set a record for extreme temperatures, too, with 26 days that went below zero F (-18 C), one more day than the brutal winter of 1884-85. The average temperature between December and February was just 18.8 degrees F (-7 C). It is also the fourth most amount of snow, at 73.4 inches (186.4 cm). That’s enough snow to bury me completely — standing up, of course. While nearby Lake Michigan usually only gets about 40% ice cover, this year it set a record for the most ice cover ever — over 93%.


Though the extreme conditions made this winter feel endless, change is the nature of the world, as Amma says, so eventually Old Man Winter had to release his stranglehold on the region. That release seemed to come yesterday, when the high temperature almost reached 50 degrees.


People in Chicago had been praying for warmth…


CT weather-03.jpg

When it came, it started melting the snow and ice, creating puddles of water and even flooding in some places.


CT weather-11.jpg 53193ed67dfe7.preview-620Rivers became clogged with huge “ice jams”, which can result in flooding of adjacent residential areas.



Inside the Chicago ashram, most of the snow on the 60 acres of agricultural land melted, created a seasonal stream, which flowed into the prairie, as this smartphone video shows:


Here are some photos, too:


DSC_0016a  DSC_0005  DSC_0008 DSC_0011 DSC_0012  DSC_0014 DSC_0018a

2 thoughts on “Old Man Winter releases his stranglehold…厳しい冬からやっと解放…

  1. Some great photos as always. However it looks like old man winter is not done yet. We may get another 6 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow morning. This will get us to 3rd snowiest winter since snow records began in 1884-85. Need about 4 inches to beat the 1969-70 number of 77 inches. Chicago is currently at 73.4 inches. Not looking forward to the commute to work tomorrow AM.

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