Retreat Next Week — Living in Harmony With Nature 来週のリトリート -自然と調和して生きる

Next weekend we will be conducting our second retreat since the opening of MA Center Chicago. The first retreat was held exactly 1 year ago, when Swami Ramakrishnananda visited.


This time, we will again make use of Labor Day weekend to immerse ourselves in contemplation on our relationship with Mother Nature.

今回は、またレイバー・デー(労働者の日:米国で9月の第1月曜日に当たる休日)の週末を利用して、わたしたちの母なる自然との関係をじっくりと見つめる機会とします。詳細は、こちらを参照してください。The details are available here on

As we know from Amma’s teachings, especially recently, Mother Nature has an urgent message that she is trying to convey to all of us. Sadly, we are not listening to her voice. Or, is it that we have simply forgotten how to listen? Mother Nature has no voice like ours. She speaks silently yet eloquently through the natural forces, the beauty and grace of the trees and animals, and the four seasons.


Perhaps our very way of life has numbed our minds to the inner voice through which Nature speaks to us.


Amma says that humans and nature are forever in a state of mutual reflection. We are the microcosm; She is the macrocosm. Now people lack mental harmony, and that disharmony is being reflected in nature. During this weekend retreat, we seek both to harmonize our inner world as well as reattune ourselves with Nature, so we can once again open the channel of communication that has always existed between us and our Mother. Then we can learn from Her the secrets to contentment, expansiveness, beauty, purity, silence, humility and simplicity.


Amma says, “Look at Nature. Nature is a textbook from which we must learn. Each object in it is a page of that book, teaching us some­thing.“


We will also use this weekend as an opportunity to develop practical skills of how to adapt our daily lives, so as to reduce the burden we place on Mother Earth. Through such a heightened awareness, living more consciously, we can align ourselves with nature’s ways both externally and internally…



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