Organic Apple Crisps For The Homeless ホームレスの人たちのためのオーガニックのりんご菓子

For quite a while now, devotees here have been lovingly preparing weekly meals to serve at an emergency shelter nearby, Lazarus House. This facility serves those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


photo 1

About 3 days ago, a number of residents of MA Center Chicago came up with a wonderful project. There are a number of apple trees in the Center, and there is a huge bounty of tasty apples to harvest right now. So, the residents decided to make apple crisps!


photo 2a photo 2c (2) photo 3 photo 4

Unfortunately, I was traveling, so I didn’t get to taste the delicious looking dish, but I think they went to more deserving people, instead. : )

残念ながら、わたしは出張中で、美味しそうなりんご菓子を味見できなかったのですが、そのかわりにお菓子はもっとふさわしい人たちのところに行ったと思います :)

photo 2c (1)

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