Guru Purnima in MA Center Chicago MAセンターシカゴのグルプールニマ

Another long gap in blog posts… My apologies.


I have been traveling throughout the Midwest, visiting St Louis, Omaha, Minneapolis, Madison, Fairfield and Iowa City. Swami Ramakrishnananda was also here for a while, which kept us busy. But there are lots of things I have been meaning to post here. Let us start with an auspicious one…


On July 21, right after the end of Amma’s North American Tour, we celebrated Guru Purnima in MA Center Chicago. Last year, we had the incredible Grace of Amma’s presence for the event during her inaugural visit to the Chicago ashram.


12purnima1 12purnima2

This year, many devotees came to the Chicago Ashram to celebrate and remember the transformational role that Amma has played in their lives.


全体のスライドショーはこちらです。The complete slideshow is here

First I started the pada puja…


Then, each and every devotee present also got the opportunity to offer their respects to Amma by doing the same. Throughout, we were all singing bhajans, too.


We then chanted Amma’s 108 Names together, offering flowers to her padukam (silver sandals).


The program closed with Arati and a meditation.


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