Beekeeping begins in MA Center Chicago MAセンターシカゴで養蜂が始まります

On April 27, 2013, MA Center Chicago inaugurated its first ever beehive.
The full slideshow is here.スライドショーはこちらをクリックしてください。
 Recently, Amma has made many references to the alarming decrease in the worldwide population of honey bees, encouraging people to do whatever they can to help stem this dangerous tendency. In light of this, we are most overjoyed to be able to put her teachings into practice in this way.
 Please read the report from that day, as prepared by Mahana, the sevite in charge of beekeeping.
“I got a call Friday night at 6:15pm from the Elburn post office telling me  that 3 pounds/ 3000 bees had just arrived! We went first thing in the morning, and the postal workers were happy to see them go home! I have a picture of me holding them in the car in their little screen and wood box.
We came to the ashram where people were gathered waiting for the Food Forest Workshop to begin. Everybody ran up excited to greet them, and they spent a bit of time on Amma’s altar to be blessed.
After lunch, we readied the hive, then all the workshop participants came down to the beeyard to watch the installation. We called to see if Ron-ji would come to lead us in prayer.
While waiting for Ron, I gave a quick talk on the special Warre’ hive we had purchased, natural beekeeping  vs conventional methods which use chemicals and more invasive proceedures. We discussed the terrible decline of both wild and ‘farmed’ honeybee populations and the support we are trying to provide by planting pollinator flowers and being a chemical and GMO free zone.
We formed a circle and said prayers; Ron came and led us in Lokaha Blessing.
When I was walking over with the box of bees, several tiny wild bees buzzed around saying hello and checking out the new arrivals. It was very sweet!!


The ‘installation’ went smoothly thanks to the support of Divyanand and the naturally docile nature of bees. I quickly learned to relax even with them flying everywhere.
Bees (99% girls) are Amma’s perfect devotees! After they are born, the first thing they do is clean their room! Then a snack…and they spend the rest of their lives serving their sisters, community, nature and their queen…who doesn’t sit around eating bon bons but works every moment too. > From the sweetness they gather, they give the gift of honey. They also give the gift of life to us, without them and other pollinators our food supply would diminish to very little


It’s been 5 weeks since they first arrived and they have worked hard creating many frames and heart shaped natural combs to lay eggs and create sweet honey.

ミツバチたちが最初に来てから5週間経ちました。 ハチたちは、卵を産んで甘い蜜をつくるための枠とハチの巣をつくるのに忙しく働いています。 

Thanks and many prayers for the health of our ‘teneecha’ (honey flying bug), Amma’s sweet Bee Children

.アンマの甘いハチの子どもたちであるわたしたちの「テニーチャ(ハチミツ 飛ぶ虫)」の健康を祈り、感謝をこめてAum Namah Shivaya“ オーム・ナマ・シヴァヤ

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