Food Forest Workshop フード・フォレスト ワークショップ

Shortly after I left for Japan in April, MA Center Chicago held a first-ever workshop on building a Food Forest by the principles of permaculture.


The full slideshow is here.スライドショーすべてはこちらをクリックしてください。 

  Food Forests produce an abundance of perennial foods by mimicking the patterns of natural forests and local biomes.  During this two-day workshop participants learned how to design and install a quarter acre food forest with a diverse polyculture that includes nitrogen fixing plants, fruit and nut trees, shrubs and berries, flowers for beneficial insects, medicinal and culinary herbs, perennial vegetables, edible fungi, and many other forest companion plants.


One focus of the workshop was putting all this diversity together into a cooperative, self-maintaining system.


Hugelkultur is the practice of burying woody material to create a fungal food bank and healthy soil food web.


Swales are water harvesting ditches dug on contour to collect and store water in the soil.


One thought on “Food Forest Workshop フード・フォレスト ワークショップ

  1. Love the sound of this food forest! Looks like a lot of hard work but the rewards will be wonderful.

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