Farm Animals visit MA Center Chicago MAセンターシカゴに農場の動物たちが来てくれました

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah


After leaving for Japan in mid April to help prepare Amma’s Tokyo program, I returned to MA Center Chicago on Monday, May 27th. Now there is a lot of catching up to do here. Of course, Amma will be coming here in just over 1 month, which means there is lots of preparation to do on site here. On a simpler note, however, I have a backlog of blog entries to make, too…


Here are some photos of a day in mid March, when a local dairy farmer brought 2 of his cows to the Chicago ashram, giving the ABK children (as well as many adults) a wonderful opportunity to come in contact with the docile animals.


The full slideshow is here.


2 thoughts on “Farm Animals visit MA Center Chicago MAセンターシカゴに農場の動物たちが来てくれました

  1. 牛さんが素朴で可愛いです。お母さん牛がうちの子にミルクを飲ませてやってください、とお願いしてるみたいですね。小さな男の子は御光を見て微笑んでいるかのよう。

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