ABK Kids Learn How to Track Animals in the Snow  ABKの子供たち雪上で動物の足跡を追う方法を学ぶ

On February 9th, the ABK kids enjoyed an outdoor winter adventure, following tracks left in the snow by the non-human residents of MACC.  They came to learn how to identify animals based on their tracks and other clues they leave behind, and discover how they depend on the prairie and woodland habitat at the ashram. Complete slideshow is here.



Here is the explanation provided by their guide, Paurnami:
“We started the program by discussing signs of animals that we might find outside.  We used the acronym TELS to describe the following signs: Tracks, signs of Eating, signs of Living (nests, homes), and Scat (droppings).Before heading outside, we looked at track patterns for animals that move as walkers (ex. deer), bounders (ex. rabbit), and waddlers (ex. raccoon) to get an idea of how different animals move through their snow and what the tracks might look like.  We also examined animal skulls and guessed what they ate based on the teeth.



We discovered that we had skulls from the following animals: deer, raccoon, muskrat, and fox.
Once outside, we headed towards the creek.   


Everyone was very excited to find tracks from deer, coyote, and mouse.  We followed the deer and coyote tracks for a long time to see where they went.   


We also found deer scat by the creek, and noticed how similar it looked to chocolate-covered raisins (sorry, candy lovers!).  The ABK children loved exploring the area along the creek, and were excited to share ideas of how to explore the creek in different seasons.  We finished off the program by trying out snowshoes to see how rabbits and other big-footed animals feel walking in the snow. ” 



Aum Namah Shivaya


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