Though our intention had been to plant spacious bulb gardens in the late fall, our limited volunteer force exhausted its capacity mostly by planting trees, leaving us in possession of at least 200 bulbs and the ground already frozen. We decided to let our bulbs winter over in a cold, dark place, choosing the dining hall basement as an ideal location. As winter progressed, we all forgot about them.

Despite the cold temperature outside, something was stirring indoors…

During a chance visit to the dining hall basement on January 20th, I rediscovered the leftover bulbs… They were all sprouting and popping out of the bags! So, I decided to try to rescue them from a tragic demise, and took them home to plant them indoors.

Procured some glass vases from the dollar store, some river pebbles and soil from a nearby store and set to work. In a few days, they were all planted in various ways, relaxing in our basement.

Each morning, I would pay them a visit and found so much joy in watching them grow. A full slideshow is here.

Roots started coming out of the bottom of the bulbs, seeking water…

Dutch Irises poked their heads out of the soil…

Now, the Dutch Irises are the tallest of all.

Here are the Yellow Trumpet daffodils basking in the morning sunlight

The Double Daffodils in the river pebbles have also done quite well.

Tulips reaching up towards the light…

Aum Namah Shivaya

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