Short visit to Amma’s California Ashram 短い訪問でしたが、アンマのカリフォルニアアシュラムに行ってきました。

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

Today is the last day of my brief visit to Amma’s California ashram, here in San Ramon. Though I grew up less than 35 miles from here, over the past few days I was reminded of how beautiful an environment this ashram is. It is such a blessing that Amma has given us here all the ideal conditions to promote our spiritual growth.



A work of art that Amma has been gradually sculpting over the past 24 years, MA Center San Ramon is the headquarters of all Amma’s activities in North America. Virtually every part of this ashram has been touched by Amma — either physically or through her guidance — and the love and dedication of thousands of spiritual seekers can be felt tangibly in its grounds, edifices and activities.


In that sense, it serves as an ideal place from which to derive ideas for implementation in MA Center Chicago!


I had some free time this morning, so I borrowed a devotees camera and went around the ashram taking photos, primarily of the ashram’s natural beauty and wildlife. Combining the ones I took with the ones that were already in the camera (thanks), I created a slideshow to share with everyone. Please take a look here.


Namah Shivaya




3 thoughts on “Short visit to Amma’s California Ashram 短い訪問でしたが、アンマのカリフォルニアアシュラムに行ってきました。

  1. たくさんの美しい写真をありがとうございます!何度も拝見しました。真っ白な白鳥、青い空、かわいいリス、植物たち…とても癒されます^^

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos! So beautiful that I saw them many times. A snowy swan, the blue sky, a cute squirrel…soothed my heart…. 🙂

  2. いつもお写真が綺麗ですね。お花も鳥さんも大自然の豊かさ満載で私も何度でも見たくなります。都会にいるとなかなかお目にかかれないので楽しみにしています。

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