Permaculture Workshop a Success パーマカルチャー・ワークショップ、成功

Aum Namah Shivaya

Despite the very short notice and only minimal publicity, we had nearly 40 participants in the one-day workshop on Introduction to Permaculture, with John Sheffy.The first half was spent covering basic principles of the permaculture system, followed by a wholesome lunch.



The second half of the workshop integrated hands-on education, where all participants were taught to make a “guild” of plants around 2 apple trees that had been recently planted inside MA Center Chicago.

ワークショップの後半では実践的な教育を取り入れました。MAセンターシカゴに最近植えられた2本のりんごの木の周りに、植物の “ギルド“(共生群)を作ることを全員に教えました。

More photos are here.

Videos of the workshop to be posted soon…





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