First Tree Planting in M.A. Center Chicago MAセンターシカゴの初植樹祭

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

To commemorate the First Anniversary of AYUDH Chicago, we planted 2 trees behind Amma’s house. One was a dwarf Honey Crisp Apple tree, and the other one…. (I have to check again!)

Now, every time the AYUDH members come to the ashram, they can watch the growth of the tree…

Here’s a slideshow of the beginning.

Here’s a video, too.

Namah Shivaya







4 thoughts on “First Tree Planting in M.A. Center Chicago MAセンターシカゴの初植樹祭

  1. 日本でも植樹したいですね!成長を見守れのは楽しいだろうな~♪

    We would like to plant trees in Japan, too in the near future for young people being able to happily take care of them…:-)

  2. seems they don’t have much experiences working in the fields? But anyway started, that is good. By the chance, Japanese GF don’t plant trees in Japan? Did not they say they would do this year?

    • Because I am not an official member of GF Japan, I am not sure, but I just ‘ve never heard that they have planted trees as GF; still wte have trees in Japan ashram, as you know, and one of devotee has a quolification for tree planting instructor:) Since the land of the Japan ashram is now very small, I hope there will be vast one for trees (hopefully orchard?) someday!

  3. ちひろさん、ありがとうございます。GFは何年か前に植樹をしたことがあります(北海道だったか?)。私がどうしたのかなと思っていたのは、今年プログラム会場でアンマの祝福を受けた苗の植樹です。東北のどこかに植えるという話でした。植樹について数年前にアンマが言っていたのは一人が年に10本、でした。大変、と思ったけどやり始めてみるとそうでもなかった。植物は自分で育っていくし、それを見るのは楽しいし。

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