Today’s visitor 今日の訪問者

Aum Amriteshwaryai Namah

As with many days, today I had another visitor. Or, perhaps I should say, one of the indigenous inhabitants of this land was spying on me. Here he (she?) is:





This is a Thirteen-lined ground squirrel (ジュウサンセンジリス), which live here in abundance. This one seemed to be as curious, if not even more curious in me than I was in him.


There are also lots and lots of tree squirrels (樹上性リス)here, like this one:


Namah Shivaya


One thought on “Today’s visitor 今日の訪問者

  1.  ラーマは、リスが一生懸命働いたことにお喜びになり、リスの背中を撫でたから、そのラーマの指の跡で、シマリスに3本の縞模様ができたのですよね。


    Rama stroke a squirrel’s back being pleased by his/ her hardwork. This Rama’s finger mark made squirrel’s stripes onhis/ her back…

    This lovely one has 13! Such a hardworker;-)


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